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Maine Blueberry & Turmeric Lassi Recipe Revealed

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

If you’re stuck at home and feeling uninspired this summer (like most of us!), why not focus your energy on something positive and use lockdown to expand your culinary skills?

Often referred to as an "ancient smoothie" and one of the first smoothies recipes seen in the world around 1000 BC, it is well known for having Ayurvedic healing & calming properties.

Unlike a typical mango lassi which is famous across India for cooling down your palate with its rich yogurt base, this summertime spinoff was created by longtime chef & restauranteurs Raj & Bina Sharma of Bombay Mahal in Brunswick, Maine.

The couple moved to the coastal state of Maine from Germany & the United Kingdom 30 years ago & share their east-meets-west recipe of a traditional Indian favorite paired with Maine's most famous state fruit, wild blueberries.

The cooling combination of yogurt, paired with blueberries & turmeric will give you all the energy, healing, & antioxidants you need to get you through this summer!

Ingredients (creates four servings)

4 cups plain organic yogurt

1/2 pound of fresh Maine blueberries

1/2 cup of sugar to taste

1/4 cup of cold water

Half teaspoon of turmeric

Ground pistachios to garnish

Rose Water to garnish

Mint leaf to garnish


1) Blend four cups of yogurt, blueberries, sugar, & turmeric until you come to a smoothie like consistency with a sky blue color

2) Blend in up to 1/4 cup of cold water or as needed to create a smooth lassi style pour

3) Pour out mixture into four chilled serving glasses over ice (optional)

4) Garnish with a sprinkle of rose water, ground pistachios, fresh mint leaf, and a few whole blueberries

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