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5 Indian Cities With The Best Street Food

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

The world of Indian cooking has become one of the fastest growing segments within the ethnic food scene. More Americans have had some sort of exposure to the cuisine known for its diverse range of ingredients; tongue tickling flavors, health benefits, and levels of spiciness.

From London to Dubai, Bangkok to Brunswick, you can find an Indian restaurant just about anywhere these days. Bombay Mahal in Brunswick, Maine has been cooking up some of India's most popular dishes for its customers for over 30 years.

The Indian subcontinent has a massive street food scene which is as old as the civilizations that have ruled over this land for centuries. Visitors to India are often taken back by the colors, smells, chaos, and cuture around Indian street food vendors. From north to south, east to west, India offers a diverse offering of regional styles of street food snacks and dishes.

Each city has been influenced by the empires that once ruled, the religion of the state, and the climate and crops available to tha area. There is no better way to experience India other then through its love of street food.

Here are India’s Top 5 Best cities for street food grub:

1) Bombay (Mumbai)

Bombay or Mumbai as its known now is a food Mecca. When you walk the streets of Mumbai and eat the food, you will feel the energy and essence that is truly India. From Vada Paav to Masala Chai, the vibrant colors and flavors are perfect representations of this great bustling city which for centuries was a melting post of diverse religions and trade. Popular spots to get some grub include Juhu Chowpatty Beach or the Nariman Point.

2) Hyderabad

For a real blend of Mughlai, Turkish & Andhra cuisine, Hyderabad is your best bet with its cultural influences directly effecting some of its best known dishes. Be sure to try Irani tea, the famous Hyderabad Biryani, as well as Phirni, Lukhmi & Nikari.

3) Delhi

Where better than the capital of country to get a real experience for food of the nation. You can find literally every type of Indian street food by walking around the city. Don't miss your shot to try Dahi Bhalle, Golgappe, Samosas, or Chloe.

4) Lucknow

The capital city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is where you can find truly authentic ‘Nawabi’ style cooking which includes street food vendors selling Tunde ke Kebab, Galouti Kebabs, Kormas & Sheermaal.

5) Kolkata (Calcutta)

Known as the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata or Calcutttas as it use to be known during British rule has loads of street food vendors ready to serve up some authentic flavors of East India. Park Street and New Market have some great options to try a local sample of street food vendors.

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