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9 Mistakes you Make at an Indian Restaurant

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Indian food has become one of the fastest growing segments of the ethnic food scene in recent years. More Americans have had some sort of exposure to the cuisine known for its diverse range of ingredients; tongue tickling flavors, health benefits, and levels of spiciness.

From London to Dubai, Bangkok to Brunswick, you can find an Indian restaurant just about anywhere these days. Bombay Mahal in Brunswick, Maine has been cooking up some of India's most spicy dishes for its customers for over 30 years.

Here are 9 mistakes to you are making at your local Indian curry house:

1. Not Getting Hands-on

In Indian culture it is customary to use your right hand to eat, so don’t be afraid to get right in!

2. Not Being Adventurous

It can be tempting to order the same dish again and again if you know that you like it, but Indian cuisine has so much to offer. Don’t be afraid to discover something new.

3. Not Mixing & Matching

Ordering a few smaller dishes rather than having a plate full of one dish is a great way to try lots of different foods and create a colorful, diverse plate. This is also how Indians eat their meals traditionally.

4. Being Afraid of Spice

It doesn’t have to blow your head off, but spice is such a huge part of Indian cuisine that it’s a shame to miss out on something delicious if you can take the heat.

5. Passing on The Rice or Naan

Passing up on having a lovely soft naan and some tasty rice with your curry would be such a mistake. The flavors contrast beautifully with the rich, spicy curry sauces.

6. Missing Out on The Sugar-coated Fennel Seeds

If these are unfamiliar to you it can be tempting to dodge them, but the brightly-colored sugar-coated fennel seeds often offered at the end of an Indian meal are a tasty palate cleanser and good for your digestion!

7. Dodging Vegetarian Options

Indian cuisine has some beautiful vegetarian dishes on offer that it would be a mistake to avoid. Some spinach and paneer or a lentil dahl would make a delicious accompaniment to a meat curry.

8. Refusing to Share

Sharing is an integral part of Indian culture and having just one dish to yourself risks missing out on something great. Sharing dishes with your friends is a wonderful way to try new things.

9. Skipping Dessert

Indian desserts, while not as famous as sumptuous curries, are well worth trying and it would be a mistake to miss out. Why not try a mango lassi or some gulab jamun after your main?

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