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The 5 Best Indian Breads

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Indian food has become one of the fastest growing segments of the restaurant industry. The Indian diet for centuries has been noted for its inclusion of exotic spices, colors, taste and fragrances. A key staple of the Indian diet remains in the variations of flatbreads that many eat across different regions of India.

Indian breads are a very important aspect of the cuisine and often essential to enjoying authentic Indian dishes. Several breads are cooked over stovetop, some are deep fried, however the most notable are baked in a traditional Indian clay oven called a tandoor which is often dug into the ground in India.

Bombay Mahal in Brunswick, Maine has been helping its customers taste India’s love of spices and its offering of freshly baked breads for over 30 years in the heart of Maine.

Here are 5 of the best Indian flatbreads to try if you haven’t already:

1) Naan

Naan is notably the most famous Indian bread around the world. The origins of the word trace back to Iran & Afghanistan, however naan is now a staple across India. This fluffy leavened Indian flatbread is ideal for soaking up rich gravy in authentic curry dishes, and also is the perfect accompaniment for popular dishes like tandoori chicken. Similar white flour versions exist such as garlic naan, bullet naan, butter naan, and onion kulchas.

2) Aloo Paratha

Parathas are pan-fried Indian flatbreads that are crispy and flaky. Aloo parathas are made with a potato and spice filling where flour, oil, and water is rolled out into a circle, and stuffed with the filling. They are topped off with a generous roll of butter or ghee which is Indian clarified butter. Aloo parathas are a popular Indian breakfast food for many North Indians.

2) Peshwari Naan

Another variation to traditional plain naan bread, Peshwari naan gets its name from Peshawar which is a region in present day Pakistan. If you are lover of sweet and savory, this flatbread is for you as it’s stuffed with aromatic spices, nuts, shredded coconut and butter then baked to perfection in a traditional Indian clay oven.

4) Poori

Poori is a crispy, golden deep fried Indian bread which looks like a puffed pillow. It is a favorite of many Indians and made of whole-wheat flour and fried until puffed up with a light golden color.

5) Chapati

The word chapat means “slap” in Hindi, giving you all idea of how the Indian flatbread is made. Often also called roti, it is a unleveled traditional Indian flatbread made of whole-wheat flour and cooked on a tava or flat skillet. It is a staple for many Indians across the country and a simple yet delicious way to eat your favorite Indian dish.

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